Precise, instant screening for COVID-19

ClearScreen is a controlled, enterprise testing solution that delivers immediate results.

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We can help to remove the administrative burden - instant results and simple reporting tools keep you compliant in minutes.

Our clinical-grade scanning app removes subjectivity - we give you an immediate result that doesn’t require interpretation.

ClearScreen is a cheaper, safer, and faster end-to-end solution than other COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2) antigen testing options.

ClearScreen is powered by TestCard, ISO 13485:2016 Quality Certified

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Precise enterprise testing

ClearScreen is a rapid testing solution and partnering technology that captures precise results, removing subjectivity while enforcing controls, to ensure process is followed and good practice maintained.

iPhone showing a negative ClearScreen result

Immediate results

ClearScreen delivers immediate results, captured by your phone’s camera and displayed clearly onscreen. Organisations from clinical settings to corporations can maintain safe working environments with a screening solution that provides an immediate result for Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2).

Macbook displaying logged test results on the ClearScreen portal

Real-time monitoring

ClearScreen delivers an optimal pathway to monitoring all foot traffic within an institution, providing an effective testing tool to monitor and help prevent the spread of disease. Easy to use, precise testing that partners with a mobile phone that reads the test digitally, ClearScreen captures, delivers, and records results as part of a new framework where continuous monitoring is critical for hospitals and workplaces.

Illustration of the ClearScreen test kit with the accompanying mobile app

What is the ClearScreen Enterprise COVID-19 antigen test kit?

The test kit includes a shallow nasal swab, sample collection vial, buffer vial, and test cassette. In application training and step-by-step guidance is provided so anyone can perform the test. After taking the sample it is placed in the buffer and the resulting solution is added to the test cassette. After a short development time the test is ready to scan.

The kit is paired with a mobile phone app, which walks the user through each of the steps above. When the test is developed, the app takes a picture of the test and analyses it using a clinically-calibrated algorithm, which is much more precise than the naked eye. An accurate result is then immediately available.

ClearScreen Enterprise also provides a web portal which stores results and can generate reports to maintain compliance and thorough record-keeping.

How ClearScreen Works – For the User

the ClearScreen envelope with test cassette

Use the ClearScreen Covid-19 testing kit…

the ClearScreen mobile app

…in conjunction with the ClearScreen app

illustration demonstrating how to take the swab

Follow the simple steps to complete your test

ClearScreen app showing a negative result

Receive your results in seconds


Learn more about how ClearScreen’s comprehensive COVID testing solution can help your organisation stay safe and compliant. Contact us to schedule a demo.