A digital clinical toolkit that reads, records and reports on rapid diagnostic tests.

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The ClearScreen Solution

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Our App

The ClearScreen app digitalises point of care rapid diagnostic testing including colorimetric and lateral flow tests. It can be deployed on any camera-enabled smart device with a flash.

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Our Portal

The ClearScreen portal displays all details about each test including the captured test image, allowing for complete traceability and review, as well as reporting.

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ClearScreen can be easily integrated into any Electronic Patient Record (EPR) or other organisational system without requiring access to any sensitive patient data.

How It Works


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  • The app positively identifies the patient, preventing mixups.

  • The ClearScreen app guides the clinician performing the test and captures an image which is processed by analysis software and a highly accurate result is provided.

  • The clinician confirms the result.


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  • The test record is instantly available in the portal and in the EPR, saving admin time and preventing transcription errors.

  • The patient now has a test result that follows them on their journey through the clinical environment eliminating the need for retesting.


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  • Senior resources can access test results in the portal, providing immediate oversight and review from any web-enabled device.

  • Images of the tests can support staff training as well as providing raw data and test traceability.

  • Reporting is available at the touch of a button.

Implementation Is Easy

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ClearScreen is a low-cost digital solution that can be deployed directly onto the cobas® pulse*, or other existing smart devices, or if preferred a full service offering including device supply is available with the app already enabled, bypassing IT wait times. Onsite onboarding and digital training is provided. Integration with EPRs can be achieved through existing middleware without the need for access to the core system.

Digitising point of care rapid diagnostic testing means all the benefits of a quick result and full traceability in a paperless solution at the point of need, without the drawbacks of error-prone performance of tests with no digital record. Contact ClearScreen today for more information.

*cobas® pulse is not available in all countries


Learn more about how ClearScreen’s comprehensive testing solution can help your organisation stay safe and compliant. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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ClearScreen Case Study at Guy’s and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

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